HIPRC Member Appointments

HIPRC Member Appointments

By: HIPRC Date: February 9th, 2015

The Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center (HIPRC) encourages collaboration with faculty and staff across the University of Washington to improve injury outcomes through research, education, training and outreach.

The following is the criteria for selection and responsibilities of members appointed to HIPRC, who are expected to promote the mission by conducting research, training, outreach, and mentoring, to reduce injury burden and improve injury outcomes. Continued academic success and scholarship at the University of Washington requires teams and a community of investigators who share similar passions and interest, who can share core resources, common space, and ideas and methods both formally and informally. Membership in HIPRC affords such an opportunity for injury scholars throughout the University of Washington to collaborate.

To advance the UW mission of research, education, and patient care, the HIPRC welcomes participation from all members of the broader UW faculty/ staff scientist community. All UW faculty/ scientist are encouraged to participate in HIPRC training, work in progress sessions, and collaboration opportunities. Our goal is to increase interest, engage, and provide mentoring to UW faculty and fellows in the realm of injury work. The HIPRC Director appoints HIPRC members.

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