Washington Firearm Safe Storage Map

This interactive map was made to help people in crisis identify local options for temporary, voluntary firearm storage.

Out-of-home firearm storage can be especially helpful to people in crisis. The businesses and law enforcement agencies listed on this map are willing to consider requests for temporary, voluntary firearm storage.

Storage Map


Storage List

Before you go

Before you or someone you trust takes your firearms to a safe storage location, you should first contact the location and ask about:

  • The process for storing.
  • Any costs.
  • Whether a background check will be conducted when your firearms are returned.
  • Any limits on the length of time guns can be stored.

Many retailers consider offering storage on a case-by-case basis; please reach out to them to discuss whether they can accommodate your request.

Do not carry firearms into a police station without calling in advance. Lock firearms in a case or leave them locked in your truck or car while making arrangements with law enforcement. Some locations have pick-up services; you may ask about that when you call.