INSIGHT: Learning and practice for safer and healthier communities

Join students from across the country this summer for an unparalleled research internship experience at the University of Washington’s Harborview Medical Center campus in Seattle, WA.

HIPRC’s Pediatric Injury Prevention Student Internship Training (INSIGHT) program for graduate and undergraduate students is an intensive, eight-week summer internship for undergraduate students, graduate students and first-year medical students. Applications are open from mid-November to mid-January for the coming summer. INSIGHT provides paid research experience and mentorship for students who are interested in injury research. Participants are matched to research projects and partnered with health sciences faculty from across the University of Washington and work alongside peers and health professionals from an array of disciplines. Past research areas include elucidating the risk factors and causes of injuries, injury prevention strategies, acute and chronic care of injured patients, outcomes from trauma, and interventions to return the injured individual to their full potential.

For high school students, we offer a four-week summer program designed to introduce students to medicine, public health and research. For more information on the high school program, visit the INSIGHT High School Page.

Jean M. Pinder Memorial Fund

Beginning with the 2020 program, one member of each INSIGHT cohort will be selected as the Jean M. Pinder Memorial Fund Scholar upon acceptance.

Jean Martin Pinder (1916-2014) was one of the first African American women to graduate from the Yale School of Public Health in 1947. She helped establish the nursing program at Dillard University, a historically black women’s college in New Orleans, and joined the US Public Health Service in Liberia and Ghana. She later supported the establishment of the Korle Bu Medical School of the University of Ghana and held a long and distinguished career in maternal and child health for USAID.

Pinder was a pioneer in advanced professional education for African American women, and the memorial fund seeks to honor her legacy by promoting health equity and addressing disparities in injury control. With this goal in mind, INSIGHT leadership will select a recipient based on academic excellence and financial need who is part of an underrepresented minority group.

Graduate/Undergraduate Program Components:

  • June 15 – August 7, 2020. Students must be able to commit to this entire period in order to participate.
  • Application window opens November 2019 and close Jan. 15, 2020.
  • Rigorous independent research
  • Injury and health-related shadowing experiences of physicians at UWMC and HMC
  • Professional development seminars
  • Injury research seminars
  • Tours of various sites at Harborview, including the King County Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Competitive research poster symposium on final day of the program
  • Social activities
  • Stipend of $3,200
  • Travel reimbursement awards available for those who qualify

INSIGHT interns work closely with faculty mentors on their research projects throughout the summer.

Graduate/Undergraduate Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must be a U.S citizen or permanent resident and are eligible to work in the U.S or hold a valid student visa or have DACA status.
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is preferred.
  • The INSIGHT Summer Research Program accepts students as follows:
    • Current undergraduates are eligible.  Preference is given to students who will graduate in Spring 2020, or who will be juniors and seniors in Fall 2020.
    • Current graduate students or students entering a graduate program in Fall 2020 are  given preference.
    • Current 1st year Medical students, or students entering medical school in Fall 2020 are given preference.
  • Must be able to commit to all eight weeks of the program on a full-time schedule.

Please visit our INSIGHT FAQ if you are unsure of your eligibility to apply.

Field trips provide a unique look at training and medical resources at Harborview Medical Center, such as the WWAMI Institute for Simulation in Healthcare lab (WISH lab).

Graduate/Undergraduate Program Logistics:

Dates: June 15-Aug. 7, 2020

Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Monday through Friday.

Location:  The Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center is located in the Patricia Bracelin Steel Memorial Building at 401 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122.  This is also the location of all scheduled seminars and workshops.

Housing, Travel and Transportation:

Students are independently responsible for arranging their housing, meals and transportation. The UW offers some discounted summer housing within the dorms on campus. Students accepted into the program will be sent details of on campus housing. There is a free shuttle connecting the UW Campus to Harborview which runs every 15 minutes on weekdays and a city bus pass is available for purchase.

Travel reimbursement awards are available for individuals who qualify. Recipients of these awards will be notified upon acceptance into the program.

Sample Weekly Schedule

Most of the day is dedicated to research and data analysis, but professional seminars, research talks and field trips are included each week throughout the summer. Past field trips have included visits to Harborview Medical Center, Airlift Northwest, the WWAMI Institute for Simulation in Healthcare lab, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office and others.

Week at a Glance Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 a.m. Start of Day
10 a.m. Research Skills Seminar Field Trip
11 a.m.
Noon Lunch
1 p.m. Academic Workshop Professional Skills Seminar
2 p.m. Weekly Student Group Meeting
3 p.m. Mentor Meeting Injury Seminar
4 p.m.
5 p.m. End of Day

The range of projects we have each summer are dependent on a number of factors such as availability of mentors and timelines for completion. Additionally, some projects have specific requirements such as having a statistical background. We strongly consider primary research interests of students, but ultimately make a best fit determination once we have determined our cohort of students which takes all these factors into consideration. Therefore, we invite you to look at our recent research projects and explain your specific research interests and/or skill set in our application. Accepted students will be informed of their research project and mentor prior to the start of the summer program.

Mentors include health sciences faculty from across the University of Washington, including medicine, public health, nursing, law and other disciplines.

Yes, however, we give preference to undergraduate students entering their junior or senior year in Fall 2020, and students graduating in Spring 2020.

Yes, however, we give preference to undergraduate students entering their junior or senior year in Fall 2020, and students graduating in Spring 2020.

Yes, you are eligible to apply.

To be eligible, you must either be a current undergraduate or graduate student, or enrolled in an undergraduate/graduate program in Fall 2020.  If you are not in either group, you are not eligible for the INSIGHT program.

Yes, you are eligible to participate if you are attending an accredited 2 or 4 year college or university on a student visa, or are a student with DACA status.

Due to the high number of applications we receive, we only accept the transcript and resume sent with your original application.

Prior research experience is not required.  However, strong candidates should be able to articulate their interests in the INSIGHT program and have demonstrated strong academic performance in the STEM fields.  Similarly, having a STEM field major is not required.

The application review is holistic in nature and consideration is given to all parts of a student’s application including reference, statement of interest and background, and academic trajectory.  Grade point averages are just one of the many factors included in the overall evaluation of a student’s application.

If this situation applies to you and you are not able to send in a transcript, you may send an alternative document that demonstrates you are in good standing at your current institution (eg: a letter of good standing or unofficial transcript without grades).  You can write in pass/fail for the GPA as well.

We only require one unofficial transcript from your current institution.  If you are currently a medical student and are on a pass/fail system, you can alternatively provide a letter of good standing. On this note, please include just your current GPA not an average of all institutions you have attended.

While having a STEM field major can be helpful in preparing you for internship program such as INSIGHT, it is not required. INSIGHT is made up of a cohort of students with a diverse array of backgrounds and interests. However, strong candidates should still be able to articulate their interests in the INSIGHT program and have demonstrated strong academic performance in the STEM classes they have completed.

Your reference will be emailed after the close of the application portal, typically within two weeks, with specific instructions on completing a brief reference form. References have a few weeks to complete the reference form and extensions are available if needed. A formal reference letter isn’t required (though there is space in the form for additional comments). If your reference has questions, they can contact us at:

Please communicate with your reference and let them know we will contact them in January.   If you need to change your reference or you have other questions, please contact us at:

Out of fairness to others, we cannot give early notice of acceptance.  All applicants will receive notification of their application status in mid-March.

Accepted students are expected to commit to the INSIGHT Program for the duration, from June 15th  through Aug. 7th, 2020.

We cannot accommodate late starts, long vacations, or early departures that significantly affect student attendance and participation.

The INSIGHT Program is a full-time, 40 hour per week summer internship. Interns are expected to be available to attend the program during regular business hours.

Accepted students are expected to commit to INSIGHT  for the duration of the program.  We cannot accommodate late starts, long vacations, or early departures that significantly affect a student’s participation in the program.

The INSIGHT Program is a full-time, 40 hour per week, summer internship.  Interns are expected to be available and participate in the program during regular business hours.

The regular program schedule runs from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Clinical shadowing opportunities may start earlier or end later.  Much of the time is dedicated to working with your Faculty Mentor on a research project. Seminars, tours, meetings and social activities are also scheduled throughout the week.  A  program calendar will be provided to accepted students close to the start of the program.

The INSIGHT Program takes place on Harborview Medical Center’s main campus in the Pat Steel Building.  All students are expected to follow the dress code as designated by Harborview’s stated policies (i.e.: no blue jeans, shorts, or t-shirts with insignia).  This will be explained in further detail during the program’s orientation. Similarly, students will be expected to maintain a full time schedule for the duration of the program.

Each accepted student receives a stipend of $3,200 midway through the program.

Please contact us at:

At the annual INSIGHT Research Symposium, interns present original research posters and discuss their work with physicians, researchers, healthcare professionals and members of the public.

INSIGHT Project Archive

Each summer culminates in the INSIGHT Research Symposium, where interns give research poster presentations to physicians, researchers, healthcare professionals and members of the public.

Visit the INSIGHT Project Archive for past project titles.

HIPRC’s Pediatric Injury Prevention Student Internship Training (INSIGHT) program for graduate and undergraduate students is molding the next generation of doctors and researchers.

Participant Testimonials


“I just want to thank you all for all the work that you’ve done. I think when I knew that the program was going to keep going. I was very worried about how this was going to work because I got into this program because I wanted to do all the shadowing with the doctors with the team and everything. And with everything being online, I was just like how am I going to have the motivation, how am I going to have those connections. And I think you did a great job. I loved all the seminars, I learned so much. And I can’t imagine how much work you had to coordinate. I’m so grateful that you were able to do that for us.”

“This whole experience has been so rewarding. Even talking to my mentor a few times, a week and working with my partner, I’ve learned so much from both of them as well as the rest of the cohort. It’s been really helpful to learn about science and understand that it’s a team process.”

“I just want to say thank you so much for this opportunity again. I think I had a really singular view coming into this experience about what research is like working in a lab. When I came in here, pretty much like multiple times a week, “Oh research can be this.” Just being able to talk to other doctors and researchers. It’s been absolutely amazing, especially during these unprecedented times.”

“I also want to say thank you. And I think this program has really pushed me to like to pursue research more in my career, which is really exciting.”

“I would like to thank everyone. Because coming into this program, I did not really know what to expect. I can just imagine how hard everyone must have worked through the pandemic to do this program this way. I’m thankful for this opportunity because I feel like in my field moving forward I can expect on what to do.”

INSIGHT UG Exit Evaluation

Counselor Testimonials

“I really enjoy engaging with the alumni from previous years. The experience of going through this program is really different from any other internship program. And that’s really what we set out to accomplish. We give you a very rich experience, a very diverse experience. I was also concerned in a virtual format, but it was down to the efforts that you put in. We couldn’t have done this without everyone’s involvement and contribution. I really want to thank you all for being present, so engaged, and we want to keep that moving forward.”


Applications for the 2020 INSIGHT Summer Research Program for undergraduate, graduate and first-year medical students will open in November 2019 and close Jan. 15, 2020.

Application Process:

  1. Submit application, which will require:
    1. Your current GPA, academic status and expected graduation date.
    2. Short-essay responses to three questions.
    3. Contact information for one professional or academic reference: Name, Title, Phone Number and Email Address.
  2. Email your transcript (unofficial) AND resume/CV (no more than 2 pages) as pdf files to
  3. HIPRC will contact your reference with specific instructions by email or phone during Jan. 15-31, after the application window has closed, on how to complete the brief reference form. A formal letter of recommendation is not required.
  4. Notification of acceptances will be distributed in mid-March.

If you have questions that are not addressed on the website or our FAQ, please email us at:

All applications for this year’s program must have been received by the deadline. No late or incomplete applications will be accepted. No changes can be made to your application once submitted, and only one application per person is accepted. The INSIGHT Program is unable to facilitate research internships for students outside of the summer program.

INSIGHT Alumni Attend Schools Across the Country
Are you an INSIGHT alumnus?

Please share your recent academic or professional accomplishments with us! We feature alumni news in the quarterly alumni newsletter.

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INSIGHT interns have joined HIPRC from across the country, many with the goal of pursuing graduate school, medical school, and medical research.

Watch this space for the results of our annual survey of INSIGHT alumni.

Student Interest Group

Currently enrolled students working on injury research are invited to join the HIPRC Student Interest Group for mentorship, research support and presentation opportunities throughout the year.

Prior participation in INSIGHT is not required – this program is open to students currently enrolled at any college or university.

The INSIGHT program is presented by:

The Pediatric Injury Prevention Student Internship Training (INSIGHT) program is funded in part by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).