Training & Education

Together, we have the power to prevent injury and violence.

Our Training & Education Core creates a pipeline of skilled, insightful, and productive investigators to advance the field of injury control science.

In collaboration with HIPRC’s Research Core and Outreach Core, the Training & Education Core strives to develop technically adept researchers who are responsive to community needs and priorities.

We believe that the best new researchers in injury prevention will emerge across the spectrum of health care, public health, and injury prevention. We aim to recruit these talented people into injury prevention research, provide them with the best training possible, and support them to establish fulfilling and productive careers. We introduce these individuals to the principles of injury research and help them to build collaborative research and practice skills that use innovative technologies and rigorous analytic methods to design, assess, and sustain interventions that can change health strategies and improve outcomes.

Our commitment to professional diversity described above is joined with our commitment to socio-demographic diversity and a spirit of inclusiveness, and this resolve extends equally to those with disabilities. We extend education opportunities for learners at nearly every educational level, view our different opportunities below!

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Education Opportunities & Programs

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