Safe & Active Transport

HIPRC research engages with changing technology, policies, and behavior in support of safe and active transportation.

We are working with partners to reduce traffic and transportation injury risk, encourage safe travel and improve the safety for active transportation modes (such as walking, biking and public transport). Our research areas include emerging road traffic challenges such as distraction, marijuana impairment, concussion; the safety impact of transportation infrastructure; and innovation in measuring pedestrian/bicycle exposure.

To accomplish these goals, we rely on community and research partnerships and a strong methods core with expertise in large data linkage, imputation, simulation, machine learning and artificial intelligence strategies. Our work ultimately seeks  to prevent traffic-related injury and death, with an emphasis on health equity. We aim to do this through collaborative research, education and public awareness.

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The right seat. Every trip, every time.

Car Seat and Booster Seat Guides offers tips for choosing the right car seat or booster seat, following Washington’s booster seat laws, and accessing local and national resources. Available in English and Spanish.

Safe & Active Transport News

King County Fire District #20’s Safety Fair

The King County Fire District #20’s Fire Department Safety Fair and 80th Birthday Celebration was held August 19, 2023 on the Skyway Fire Department grounds. The Health & Safety Fair featured a free community and…

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Fourth Annual Virtual INSIGHT High School Symposium

The fourth annual virtual HIPRC INSIGHT High School Program Symposium was held August 4, 2023. The virtual symposium highlighted students’ research project findings from the summer’s session. This year’s program featured 47 students from across…

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NEW 2023 WA State Injury & Violence Prevention Laws

As the 2023-2024 WA State legislative session comes to an end, here are some of the Injury and Violence-related bills signed into law by WA Governor Jay Inslee. These laws will go into effect 90…

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Bicycle Safety Mini Grants

Public Health – Seattle & King County Bicycle Safety Grant- applications now available Public Health – Seattle & King County (PHSKC) aims to increase bicycle safety among residents of King County. PHSKC is seeking coalitions,…

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2023 Car Seat Inspection Events (South King County)

Safe Kids Seattle South King will once again be partnering with King County EMS to host complimentary Car Seat Inspections.  This year’s events will be taking place on: May 25th from 11 am – 2…

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Bike Helmet Use after KC Law Dropped

A new study by Public Health – Seattle & King County, found that one year after the King County Board of Health repealed its mandatory helmet law for bicyclists, helmet use in King County still…

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Safe & Active Transport Publications

Title Authors Journal Date Section1 Section2
Neighborhood built environment associations with adolescents' location-specific sedentary and screen time. Bejarano CM, Carlson JA, Cushing CC, Kerr J, Saelens BE, Frank LD, Glanz K, Cain KL, Conway TL, Sallis JF Health and Place February 1st, 2019 Safe & Active Transport
The Health and economic effects of light rail lines: design, methods, and protocol for a natural experiment. Frank LD, Kuntz JL, Chapman JE, Fox EH, Dickerson JF, Meenan RT, Saelens BE, Young DR, Boone-Heinonen J, Fortmann SP BMC Public Health February 1st, 2019 Safe & Active Transport
Outcomes after concomitant traumatic brain injury and hemorrhagic shock: A secondary analysis from the Pragmatic, Randomized Optimal Platelets and Plasma Ratios trial. Galvagno SM Jr, Fox EE, Appana SN, Baraniuk S, Bosarge PL, Bulger EM, Callcut RA, Cotton BA, Goodman M, Inaba K, O'Keeffe T, Schreiber MA, Wade CE, Scalea TM, Holcomb JB, Stein DM; PROPPR Study Group The Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery October 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Air pollution exposure is associated with MRSA acquisition in young U.S. children with cystic fibrosis. Psoter KJ, De Roos AJ, Wakefield J, Mayer JD, Rosenfeld M BMC Pulmonary Medicine July 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Changes in Eating Behaviors of Children with Obesity in Response to Carbohydrate-Modified and Portion-Controlled Diets. Kirk S, Woo JG, Brehm B, Daniels SR, Saelens BE Childhood Obesity June 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Methylprednisolone Therapy in Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury: Analysis of a Regional Spinal Cord Model Systems Database. Sunshine JE, Dagal A, Burns SP, Bransford RJ, Zhang F, Newman SF, Nair BG, Sharar SR Anesthesia & Analgesia April 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Nonlinear Imputation of PaO2/FIO2 From SpO2/FIO2 Among Mechanically Ventilated Patients in the ICU: A Prospective, Observational Study. Brown SM, Duggal A, Hou PC, Tidswell M, Khan A, Exline M, Park PK, Schoenfeld DA, Liu M, Grissom CK, Moss M, Rice TW, Hough CL, Rivers E, Thompson BT, Brower RG; National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Prevention and Early Treatment of Acute Lung Injury (PETAL) Network Critical Care Medicine April 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Clonal distribution and associated characteristics of Escherichia coli clinical and surveillance isolates from a military medical center. Manges AR, Mende K, Murray CK, Johnston BD, Sokurenko EV, Tchesnokova V, Johnson JR Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease April 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Pragmatic (trial) informatics: a perspective from the NIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory. Richesson RL, Green BB, Laws R, Puro J, Kahn MG, Bauck A, Smerek M, Van Eaton EG, Zozus M, Ed Hammond W, Stephens KA, Simon GE Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association March 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Damage control laparotomy utilization rates are highly variable among Level I trauma centers: Pragmatic, Randomized Optimal Platelet and Plasma Ratios findings. Watson JJ, Nielsen J, Hart K, Srikanth P, Yonge JD, Connelly CR, Kemp Bohan PM, Sosnovske H, Tilley BC, van Belle G, Cotton BA, OʼKeeffe TS, Bulger EM, Brasel KJ, Holcomb JB, Schreiber MA Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery March 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Measuring a conceptual model of the relationship between compulsive cell phone use, in-vehicle cell phone use, and motor vehicle crash. O'Connor SS, Shain LM, Whitehill JM, Ebel BE Accident Analysis and Prevention February 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Development and Feasibility of a Real-Time Clinical Decision Support System for Traumatic Brain Injury Anesthesia Care. Kiatchai T, Colletti AA, Lyons VH, Grant RM, Vavilala MS, Nair BG Applied Clinical Informatics January 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Morbidity and Mortality Differences Between Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Survivors and Other Cancer Survivors. Chow EJ, Cushing-Haugen KL, Cheng GS, Boeckh M, Khera N, Lee SJ, Leisenring WM, Martin PJ, Mueller BA, Schwartz SM, Baker KS Journal of Clinical Oncology January 1st, 2017 Safe & Active Transport
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Longitudinal Study of Cognition, Functional Status, and Post-Traumatic Symptoms. Dikmen S, Machamer J, Temkin N Journal of Neurotrauma December 1st, 2016 Safe & Active Transport
The Coalition for National Trauma Research (CNTR) Supports the Call for a National Trauma Research Action Plan. Coimbra R, Kozar RA, Smith JW, Zarzaur BL, Hauser CJ, Moore FA, Bailey JA, Valadka A, Jurkovich GJ, Jenkins DH, Davis KA, Price MA, Maier RV Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery December 1st, 2016 Safe & Active Transport
Authors' response to commentaries on rosuvastatin for delirium and cognitive impairment in sepsis-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome. Dinglas VD, Colantuoni E, Ely EW, Hough CL, Morris PE, Mendez-Tellez PA, Wozniak AW, Hopkins RO, Needham DM Journal of Thoracic Disease November 1st, 2016 Safe & Active Transport
Adoption of Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Practices in Primary Care for Older Adults with a History of Falls Phelan EA, Aerts S, Dowler D, Eckstrom E, Casey CM Frontiers in Public Health September 1st, 2016 Safe & Active Transport
Reciprocal Effects of Positive Future Expectations, Threats to Safety, and Risk Behavior Across Adolescence. Prince DM, Epstein M, Nurius PS, Gorman-Smith D, Henry DB Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology September 1st, 2016 Safe & Active Transport
Early prediction of outcome after severe traumatic brain injury: a simple and practical model. Rizoli S, Petersen A, Bulger E, Coimbra R, Kerby JD, Minei J, Morrison L, Nathens A, Schreiber M, de Oliveira Manoel AL; ROC Investigators BMC Emergency Medicine August 1st, 2016 Safe & Active Transport
Disparities In Medical Staffing In Secondary School Sport: Implications For Concussion Identification: 3090 Board #155 June 3, 3: 30 PM - 5: 00 PM. Kroshus E, Chrisman S Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise May 1st, 2016 Safe & Active Transport
Comprehensive Qualitative Assessment of Urethral Stricture Disease: Toward the Development of a Patient Centered Outcome Measure. Breyer BN, Edwards TC, Patrick DL, Voelzke BB Journal of Urology April 1st, 2016 Safe & Active Transport Injury Care

Safe & Active Transport Projects

Project Pl
A Wearable Health Device to Promote Teenagers’ Physical Activity: A Pilot RCT Jason Mendoza, Pediatrics
Child Safety Seat Intervention for Pacific Northwest Tribes Beth Ebel, Pediatrics
Concussion and Driving Risk Beth Ebel, Pediatrics
Drowning and resuscitation Linda Quan, Pediatrics
Educating Teen Drivers Linda Boyle, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Effects of Cannabis on Driving Beth Ebel, Pediatrics
Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, Epidemiology
Evaluation of a Walking School Bus Program: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial Jason Mendoza, Pediatrics
Impact Of Cannabis On Impaired Drivers In Washington Caleb Banta-Green, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute
Mental Illness and Injury Ali Rowhani-Rahbar, Epidemiology
Native Children Always Ride Safely (Native CARS) Beth Ebel, Pediatrics
Pediatric Injury Research Training Program (T32) Fred Rivara, Pediatrics
Monica Vavilala, Anesthesiology
Beth Ebel, Pediatrics
Public Health and Safety Impacts of Marijuana Retail Stores on Communities Caleb Banta-Green, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute
Relationship of cognitive decline and automobile crash risk Laura Blanar, Health Services
Strengthening Injury Control Research in Ghana and West Africa Beth Ebel, Pediatrics
Structural & Programmatic Effects of Bus Rapid Transit on Physical Activity Fred Rivara, Pediatrics
Brian Saelens, Pediatrics
The Bicycle Train and Children’s Physical Activity: A Pilot Cluster RCT Jason Mendoza, Pediatrics
University of Washington Comparative Effectiveness Research Career Development Program (K12) Beth Ebel, Pediatrics