Traumatic Brain Injury

HIPRC is committed to uncovering the complex layers of brain injury prevention and treatment that have long stymied the global medical community.

Our work studying the relationship between TBI treatment guidelines and outcomes for children transforms the way clinicians treat pediatric TBI around the world. HIPRC is leading a state-wide coalition to ensure that children “Return-to-Learn” after experiencing brain injury. No two brain injuries are alike, and we are ensuring every child in Washington with TBI receives unique treatment and rehabilitation.

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The HIPRC team is proud to conduct a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded study testing a flexible, accessible, and comprehensive Return-to-Learn (RTL) after concussion-based protocol on best practice designed for academic accommodations to get high school students back in the classroom. For every student diagnosed with a concussion, every school needs a plan.

Visit Return-to-Learn for more information.

TBI Argentina

A global partnership led by Harborview Injury Prevention and Research Center is aiming to improve outcomes after severe pediatric traumatic brain injury with support from a grant by the National Institutes of Health.

The partnership with Centro de Informática e Investigación Clínica in Rosario, Argentina, Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C., and HIPRC in Seattle is studying best practice guideline adherence and outcomes in severe pediatric TBI treatment in Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay.

Pediatric traumatic brain injury is the leading killer of children worldwide, and learning how to provide the best care possible in a variety of settings is critical to reducing the harms from these injuries.

Visit TBI Argentina for more information.

General Information:

What Is a Concussion?

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury—or TBI—caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. This sudden movement can cause the brain to bounce around or twist in the skull, creating chemical changes in the brain and sometimes stretching and damaging brain cells.

Concussion Signs and Symptoms

Children and teens who show or report one or more of the signs and symptoms listed below, or simply say they just “don’t feel right” after a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body, may have a concussion or more serious brain injury.

Concussion Signs Observed

  • Can’t recall events prior to or after a hit or fall.
  • Appears dazed or stunned.
  • Forgets an instruction, is confused about an assignment or position, or is unsure of the game, score, or opponent.
  • Moves clumsily.
  • Answers questions slowly.
  • Loses consciousness (even briefly).
  • Shows mood, behavior, or personality changes.

Concussion Symptoms Reported

  • Headache or “pressure” in head.
  • Nausea or vomiting.
  • Balance problems or dizziness, or double or blurry vision.
  • Bothered by light or noise.
  • Feeling sluggish, hazy, foggy, or groggy.
  • Confusion, or concentration or memory problems.
  • Just not “feeling right,” or “feeling down”.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


TBI News

NEW 2023 WA State Injury & Violence Prevention Laws

As the 2023-2024 WA State legislative session comes to an end, here are some of the Injury and Violence-related bills signed into law by WA Governor Jay Inslee. These laws will go into effect 90…

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UW Med reports a lack of Proper Concussion Care

Originally posted to UW’s The Daily Concussions, once considered limited to high-contact sports like rugby and football, have now been shown to affect individuals of all ages and walks of life. Older adults, young children,…

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After a concussion, kids’ brains need a break: from sports, bright lights, and too much homework

Washington State is the first state to adopt a law regulating when and how students can return to sports after having a concussion. Seattle’s KUOW interviewed Dr. Monica Vavilala on the push for lawmakers to…

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Many Students Not Getting Recommended Concussion Care

Originally posted to UW Medicine Newsroom.  Although public awareness of concussion dangers has improved over the years, many young people with the injury are not being diagnosed and receiving the care they need, says Dr….

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Concussions Pose Particular Risks for Older Adults

Concussion are the most common form of traumatic brain injury, and, while attention often focuses more on effects in young athletes, older adults are at higher risk for severe outcomes following one. “Falls are the most common…

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THE CONCUSSION COLLECTIVE: Best Practices and Advances in Concussion Management

THE CONCUSSION COLLECTIVE: Best Practices and Advances in Concussion Management will be held April 14-15 in Bend, OR featuring expert faculty from across the U.S. including: Stan Herring, former Team Physician for the Seattle Seahawks…

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Recent TBI Publications

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Current TBI Projects

Project Pl
Abnormal Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings in Children after Concussion Monica Vavilala, Anesthesiology
Addition of Pediatric TBI Data To NIH FITBIR Database Fred Rivara, Pediatrics
Amitriptyline to Prevent Headache after Traumatic Brian Injury Nancy Temkin, Neurological Surgery and Biostatistics
Assessment Of Long Term Outcome & Disability In Active-Duty Military Prospectively Examined Following Concussive Traumatic Brain Injury Christine Mac Donald, Neurological Surgery
Best practice guideline adherence and outcomes in severe pediatric TBI treatment in Argentina Monica Vavilala, Anesthesiology
Brain-Heart Interactions in TBI Monica Vavilala, Anesthesiology
Cerebral Autoregulation and Outcomes After TBI Monica Vavilala, Anesthesiology
Chronic Effects of Neurotrauma Consortium (CENC) examines the long-term effects of combat-related and military-relevant TBI Nancy Temkin, Neurological Surgery and Biostatistics
Concussion and Driving Risk Beth Ebel, Pediatrics
Concussion in College Athletes Sara Chrisman, Pediatrics
Disparities in Disability after Traumatic Brain Injury for Hispanic Children Nathalia Jimenez, Anesthesiology
Effect Of Treatment On Outcome After TBI in Children and Adolescents Fred Rivara, Pediatrics
Nancy Temkin, Neurological Surgery and Biostatistics
Effects of Concussion on Driving Beth Ebel, Pediatrics
Evaluation Of Longitudinal outcomes in mild TBI Active-Duty Military and Veterans (EVOLVE Study) Christine Mac Donald, Neurological Surgery
Health Literacy After Traumatic Brain Injury Megan Moore, Social Work
Impact of Aging on the Immune Response to Traumatic Brain Injury Nancy Temkin, Neurological Surgery and Biostatistics
Hilaire Thompson, Biobehavioral Nursing
Implementation Science Methods to Increase Adherence to Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury Guidelines Monica Vavilala, Anesthesiology
Improving Indo-US Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes Monica Vavilala, Anesthesiology
Managing Severe TBI without ICP monitoring – Guidelines Development and Testing Nancy Temkin, Neurological Surgery and Biostatistics
Neuropathology of CTE and Delayed Effects of TBI: Toward In-Vivo Diagnostics Hilaire Thompson, Biobehavioral Nursing
Patient-provider communication for patients with communication disorders Hilaire Thompson, Biobehavioral Nursing
Pediatric Injury Research Training Program (T32) Fred Rivara, Pediatrics
Monica Vavilala, Anesthesiology
Beth Ebel, Pediatrics
Pilot study on the effectiveness of a cognitive training intervention to prevent falls in older adults with mild cognitive impairment Hilaire Thompson, Biobehavioral Nursing
Prehospital Tranexamic Acid Use for Traumatic Brian Injury Eileen Bulger, M.D.
Preparing Acute Care Nurse Practitioners for Care of Adults and Older Adults with Multiple Chronic Conditions Hilaire Thompson, Biobehavioral Nursing
Social Work Intervention for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (SWIFT): A Pilot Study Megan Moore, Social Work
Telephone Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain after Traumatic Brian Injury Nancy Temkin, Neurological Surgery and Biostatistics
Transforming Research and Clinical Knowledge in Traumatic Brian Injury (TBI): Improving outcome assessments and effectiveness and costs of tests, treatments and services Nancy Temkin, Neurological Surgery and Biostatistics
Transforming Research and Clinical Knowledge in Traumatic Brian Injury (TRACK Study) Christine Mac Donald, Neurological Surgery
Traumatic Brain Injury Endpoints Development (TED Study) Christine Mac Donald, Neurological Surgery
UW Traumatic Brian Injury Model System: Rehabilitation care and outcomes Nancy Temkin, Neurological Surgery and Biostatistics
Youth sports concussion: Epidemiology, injury and outcome Fred Rivara, Pediatrics