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Our 2022 Achievements, Highlights & More!

The HIPRC proudly celebrates its 2022 achievements, highlights and more in this newly designed digital report, produced with contributions from all HIPRC faculty and staff.

High School Application Now Open!

The INSIGHT HS Program is an exciting interactive four-week program designed to introduce young scholars to public health, biomedical research, & medicine.

March Observances

In March, we honor and recognize Women’s History in addition to Brain Injury Awareness, Gender Equality and National Poison Prevention Week.

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Place-Based Improvements for Public Safety

Research on crime patterns reveals that crime is concentrated at relatively few micro-places (addresses, intersections, street segments, and businesses), it tends to be stable over time, and changes at a small proportion of locations can…

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Many Students Not Getting Recommended Concussion Care

Originally posted to UW Medicine Newsroom.  Although public awareness of concussion dangers has improved over the years, many young people with the injury are not being diagnosed and receiving the care they need, says Dr….

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Creation of Online Maps for Voluntary Out-of-Home Firearm Storage

A new study published February 2023 in Preventative Medicine Reports evaluates what people think about temporary, voluntary out-of-home firearm storage. Online maps showing locations for voluntary, temporary firearm storage are a novel approach in suicide…

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Concussions Pose Particular Risks for Older Adults

Concussion are the most common form of traumatic brain injury, and, while attention often focuses more on effects in young athletes, older adults are at higher risk for severe outcomes following one. “Falls are the most common…

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Bike Helmet Use after KC Law Dropped

A new study by Public Health – Seattle & King County, found that one year after the King County Board of Health repealed its mandatory helmet law for bicyclists, helmet use in King County still…

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Lessons from Implementation of a Trauma Center Based Program to Managing Opioids

Care transitions after trauma hospitalization can be associated with miscommunication or incomplete transfer of information, which has the potential to lead to unintentional persistent opioid prescribing or other deficiencies in post-trauma pain care. Decreasing exposure…

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About Us

We conduct research, train scientists, educate public health practitioners, and implement prevention programs to achieve injury-related health equity across the lifespan.


We are dedicated to leading and supporting the best in injury research and to embracing the principles of health equity.

Firearm Injury & Policy Research Program

Through FIPRP, we are reducing the impact of firearm injury and death on people’s lives through interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

Training & Education

We are creating a pipeline of skilled, insightful, and productive investigators who will advance the field of injury control science in response to community needs.

Community Outreach

We work with diverse communities to identify injury prevention concerns and collaborate with community and policy partners to prevent injuries.

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