Together, we have the power to prevent injury and violence.

HIPRC’s Research Core is dedicated to leading and supporting the best in injury research and to embracing the principles of health equity.

We join our communities in this endeavor, including the University of Washington, local and regional partners, and colleagues across the country and around the world.

HIPRC’s Research Core Values:

In service of the HIPRC’s mission, we embrace the following:

To nurture creative, team-based, and interdisciplinary approaches to advancing scientific research and knowledge regarding preventing and treating injuries

To embrace and build on diverse backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs, and cultures to reduce the burden of injury.

To promote equity and social justice in all our work

To celebrate the contributions of our collaborators, community, faculty, staff, and students.

To maintain the highest standards of objectivity, professional integrity, mutual respect, and scientific rigor.

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Our Center’s studies are designed to:

  • Track the type, causes, treatment and consequences of injuries
  • Use epidemiological tools to identify risk factors for injury
  • Develop and evaluate new injury-prevention programs, using behavior change, community education, government action, and product- environment modification
  • Use the principles of biomechanics to study injury causes and treatment
  • Develop more effective ways to resuscitate and treat injury victims
  • Improve rehabilitation strategies by identifying injury-related disability and long-term effects
  • Train new investigators in the field of injury research
  • Educate health professionals, policy makers, and the public about trauma’s magnitude, costs, and prevention.