2017 // HIPRC Newsletter Archives

2017 // HIPRC Newsletter Archives

By: odddogmedia Date: May 8th, 2020

HIPRC Newsletter (November 2017)

  • Student opportunities at HIPRC
  • “Mix-and-Match” injury control curriculum available
  • HIPRC members elected to national leadership posts
  • HIPRC to host adult TBI webinar

HIPRC Newsletter (October 2017)

  • Las Vegas shooting draws attention to firearm research, emergency prep
  • Geri-T Bundle project launches to improve elderly patient care
  • Trauma Conference Recap
  • HIPRC core member to helm new medical journal
  • Long-time crash researcher celebrated
  • Fellowship extends application deadline

HIPRC Newsletter (September 2017)

  • Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
  • Pediatrician, researcher responds to Freeman High School shooting
  • HIPRC member wins international recognition
  • Research fellowship applications open

HIPRC Newsletter (August 2017)

  • Vehicle side curtain air bags offer protection from partial ejections, new study finds
  • Featured Faculty: From Physicist to Physician
  • INSIGHT Research Symposium highlights HIPRC interns
  • Grandmothers Against Gun Violence spotlights HIPRC researcher
  • Seattle “Top Docs” list highlights center members
  • HIPRC researchers to feature at national conferences

HIPRC Newsletter (July 2017)

  • Only 61% of gun owners have formal training with firearms, new HIPRC study estimates
  • Researchers connect with families at Latino health fair
  • iHeal lecture, Pediatric TBI webinar recordings available online
  • Family of young patient advocates for fire pit safety

HIPRC Newsletter (June 2017)

  • Severe firework injuries most commonly caused by shells, mortars, study finds
  • HIPRC welcomes newest INSIGHT students
  • Pediatric TBI webinar reaches 316 attendees
  • iHeal Symposium speakers call for research, action, partnerships around health equity

HIPRC Newsletter (May 2017)

  • Washington toughens up distracted driving laws
  • Pediatric TBI webinar offers CNE credit
  • SAVIR elects HIPRC faculty member to board of directors

HIPRC Newsletter (April 2017)

  • iHeal to feature national experts
  • INSIGHT applicants selected for 2017
  • HIPRC research coordinators present at ICU Research Day