Voluntary Waiver of Firearm Rights

(Voluntary Do-Not-Sell)


In Washington State, three in every four firearm deaths are suicides. Access to firearms triples the risk of suicide. Empathetic conversation about firearm safety and mental health is associated with more people using safe gun storage, reducing the risk of preventable injury and death. Washington State provides three critical interventions to support an individual in crisis: Firearm Safe Storage, Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs), and Voluntary Waiver of Firearm Rights (Voluntary Do-Not-Sell).

On this page, we will focus on Voluntary Waiver of Firearm Rights: Voluntary Do-Not-Sell law lets people voluntarily and confidentially restrict immediate access to firearm purchases.

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Voluntary Waiver of Firearm Rights

Voluntary Waiver of Firearm Rights (Voluntary Do-Not-Sell) is a firearm safety and suicide prevention strategy to keep you and your family safe. In Washington state, an individual who is concerned about suicidal thoughts may voluntarily ask to be put on a Do-Not-Sell list used during the background check process. This request is fully reversible, and may happen in consultation with your medical provider. The goal is to reduce suicide risk by voluntarily and confidentially restricting immediate access to firearm purchase.

  • Mental health crises can impact anyone, and many suicide attempts are impulsive. In Washington State, three in every four firearm deaths are suicides. Suicide attempts using firearms are nearly always lethal, with no “second chance” to get needed help.
  • By being proactive about access to a firearm, you can protect yourself and loved ones from firearm injury or suicide.
  1. Individual files Voluntary Waiver of Firearm Rights at a county clerk’s office (requires photo ID).

  2. Information is submitted to national database to restrict firearm purchases.

  3. Individual can remove their name after a week at the same county clerk’s office where they originally filed. At that time, all documentation is destroyed.

Stops impulsive firearm purchases at a time when you or a loved one feels actively suicidal. It can be easily reversed by the individual when no longer needed.



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