Blood Product Availability in the Washington State Trauma System

Blood Product Availability in the Washington State Trauma System

By: Alexandra de Leon Date: June 6th, 2022

A new study published June 2022 in the Journal of Transfusion surveys the immediate availability of blood products within the WA Regional Trauma System. The study team surveyed all 82 trauma centers certified by the Washington Regional Trauma System serving approximately 7.6 million Washingtonians.

The study found that units of red blood cells and of plasma are generally available for immediate use at designated trauma centers (Levels I – V) within the state. However, the number of units of the various components varied considerably, particularly among centers located in the remote and less populous areas of the state.

  • 96% of centers had red blood cells
  • 76% of centers had plasma
  • 49% of centers had platelets
  • 55% of centers had cryoprecipitate
  • Only the Level 1 center had whole blood
Table (2) features distribution of types and numbers of units of blood components, by Washington state regional trauma system region and comparative population
Courtesy: Transfusion

Researchers suggest that the care of geographically isolated populations requires further thinking on how each part of the care process is delivered and what systems, products, procedures, and training can best meet their needs and reduce the burden of life-threatening bleeding.

Authors on this publication represented the UW School of Medicine, Departments of Laboratory Medicine, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Surgery, and Pediatrics; The University of Washington Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center; Harborview Trauma Program and the Transfusion Services at Harborview Medical Center; and the Office of Community Health, Emergency Care Systems, Washington State Department of Health.