Fellow wins grant to study traumatic pelvic fracture outcomes

Fellow wins grant to study traumatic pelvic fracture outcomes

By: HIPRC Date: August 22nd, 2018

HIPRC postdoctoral research fellow and Department of Urology genitourinary reconstructive surgery fellow Niels Johnsen, M.D., has been awarded $25,000 by the Sexual Medicine Society of North America to study the experience of traumatic pelvic fracture patients in addressing sexual health concerns following their injuries. A major focus of the study will be to identify barriers to care among men who experience sexual dysfunction after pelvic injury. This population currently has low rates of seeking care for their sexual health, and the study looks to identify ways to improve patient care, access and outcomes.

Johnsen joined the center as of this summer as a postdoctoral research fellow in urology. His specializations include trauma and male genitourinary reconstructive surgery, and he is interested in bringing scientific rigor to the study of management and outcomes of genitourinary trauma.

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