INSIGHT HS Session B Symposium Highlights

INSIGHT HS Session B Symposium Highlights

We are so excited to share all the work our UW INSIGHT students have developed during the program at our 2021 Virtual Symposium! This year’s session B program included 40 students from across the nation & overseas. High School students presented their research findings on pedestrian injuries at the 2nd Annual Virtual INSIGHT High School Symposium August 12, 2021.

By: Alexandra de Leon Date: August 12th, 2021

The INSIGHT program provided students a challenging, immersive experience where they could learn about research, medicine and public health. This program was designed to expose students to various fields in medicine while also showing students how to how to pick an education and/or career path. In the past four weeks, the program introduced students to different mentors from a variety of career paths in medicine and public health.

“Overall this program was a challenging, immersive course taught at a collegiate level. We hope to offer students exposure to a variety of career opportunities in public health, science, medicine,” says INSIGHT High School faculty member, Allyson O’Connor, MPH. O’Connor has been a part of the INSIGHT program since she was an INSIGHT Undergraduate intern in 2016. “Exposure at such a young age will be an advantage to students as they move through career and their education. We hope to give context as to where their education could take them.”

Jiquanda Nelson, Vice President, African-American Health Board was Session B’s keynote speaker. She talked about some of the ways that have helped her grow and become successful as the Senior Director of Community and Culture for Concentrix . She touched on how important a person’s “why” is and how that can help students while they embark on their own personal journeys. “Especially when there are a ton of opportunities, start it with your why. ‘Why are you doing this? Why did you take your opportunity?’ Knowing your ‘why’ grounds you into how you show up,” says Nelson.

Over the four weeks, students learned how to assess the risk of pedestrian injuries associated with street environments. At the virtual symposium students presented a poster on their findings. Students poster presentations are available to view online until 2022.

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INSIGHT Symposium 20201 Keynote Speaker: Jiquanda Nelson
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INSIGHT HS session B students present their findings on pedestrian safety