Open calls for exploratory research, graduate student funding

Open calls for exploratory research, graduate student funding

By: HIPRC Date: March 3rd, 2020

The University of Washington’s Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center (HIPRC) is pleased to announce two new funding opportunities: one for UW graduate students and postdoctoral trainees, and one for UW faculty.

All submitted projects should engage with injury or injury prevention.

Applications for the Rivara Endowment Injury Research Award Program, for UW graduate students, fellows, and postdoctoral trainees, are due April 17, 2020.

Applications for the Exploratory Research Program funding for UW faculty are due June 26, 2020 (Note: This deadline reflects and extension of the date in previous communications).

Graduate Students & Trainees: Rivara Endowment Injury Research Award Program

The HIPRC Rivara Endowment Injury Research Award program is designed to provide resources to graduate students and post-doctoral trainee investigators looking to conduct an injury-related project. The work must be completed within one year of funding or before the applicant finishes their training program, whichever comes first. An expectation of the award includes submission of a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal based on the project within the award period.


The work should address an important research question that will advance knowledge of injury prevention and/or treatment. The research should be related to one or more of the topic areas of the HIPRC: safe transport, traumatic brain injury, violence prevention, firearm injury and policy, injury care or global injury prevention. The research should also help to advance the career of the applicant.


Eligible investigators must be affiliated with the University of Washington. Graduate students, Postdoctoral trainees, and Fellows, are eligible to apply. Applications are limited to one per investigator. If your research includes Human Subjects, you can apply if your IRB is currently approved or exempt. This fund will not support animal research.

Funding Available

A maximum of $3,500 (direct costs only) is available to be used towards the work. Allowable Costs include: Materials/Supplies/Datasets, Service costs (e.g. transcription), Project personnel (e.g. research assistant) and Study incentives.

Read the full Rivara Endowment Injury Research Award application instructions. Applications are due April 17, 2020.

UW Faculty: Exploratory Research Project Request for Applications

HIPRC Exploratory Research Projects, in conjunction with the Population Health Initiative, will fund projects led by University of Washington Faculty and Staff for $10,000-$20,000 for one year (direct costs only). The Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center (HIPRC) is seeking applications for funds to support pilot projects aligned with our mission to reduce the impact of injury and violence on peopleʼs lives through research, education, training and public awareness. HIPRC has the overarching goal to engage communities in order to achieve health equity across the lifespan.

Pilot Project Program Objectives

The primary objective of the pilot project grant program is to develop connections with community partners and encourage the development of new injury and violence prevention and care research projects.


This opportunity is open to all University of Washington faculty and staff members eligible to act as principal investigators. Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students are eligible but must have a faculty sponsor who will oversee the research budget. A letter of support/commitment from the faculty sponsor must accompany the proposal.

Funding Available

Up to three project grants will be awarded. Funding is available for the usual categories of cost in an Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant, such as salary and fringe, laboratory supplies, equipment, data analysis cost, travel associated with research, and office expenses. No funds shall be spent for indirect costs. Two proposals will be awarded for up to $10,000 each, and one for up to $20,000. Proposals for the $20,000 limit must align with the UW Population Health Initiative goals of furthering interdisciplinary collaboration (i.e., at least two investigators, each from a different discipline). Applicants are encouraged to apply for matching funds (e.g., from their departments, schools, and/or colleges) if such funds are available. Funding is for one year.

Community Engagement

Community engagement can mean a variety of things, ranging from stakeholder input to consultation to collaboration and shared leadership. For example, “stakeholders can serve on ad hoc working groups to prioritize unanswered research questions or develop dissemination strategies for study results” (Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute: Stakeholders “can also have more sustained involvement in a study, providing their input and guidance by serving on an advisory committee or as a co-investigator” ( Please see the PCORI website ( for more information on the engagement continuum.

Read the full Exploratory Research Project application instructions. Applications are due June 26, 2020.