Firearm Injury & Policy Research Program

Together we have the power to prevent harm and suffering from injury and violence.

The mission of the Firearm Injury & Policy Research Program (FIPRP) is to reduce the impact of firearm injury and death on people’s lives through interdisciplinary research and collaboration with institutional, community, and governmental partners.


FIPRP Statement on Recent Gun Violence:

Every death is an equal tragedy worthy of public attention. Every day in the United States, over 300 individuals are injured or killed by firearms. Media response to some shooting incidents but not others implies that we believe that some deaths are more deserving of acknowledgement. The incidents that receive media attention are not random and are socially patterned, reflecting a preference for non-oppressed communities. By responding to, and thus amplifying, incidents that are already receiving media attention, we would be reinforcing a hierarchy that places value on some lives but not others. For these reasons, FIPRP as a group does not respond publicly via press release, social media, or other official statements following every shooting, including those receiving widespread media attention. This includes international, national, and local incidents.

(Updated July 2021)

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Approaches to Reducing Firearm Violence: JAMA Network

In a new podcast and JAMA Network viewpoint, HIPRC’s Firearm Injury & Policy Research Program director, Frederick Rivara, MD, MPH, discusses approaches to reducing firearm violence with several JAMA Viewpoint authors. In the viewpoint titled,…

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Gun Violence & Mental Health: Unlocking Solutions Over Suspicions

The 2022 NAMI Washington State Conference (NAMIWA) was hosted virtually and in-person at the Olympia Hotel at Capitol Lake on September 17th in Olympia, WA.  Participants learned about new approaches, findings, policy updates, awareness and…

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Second Medical Summit on Firearm Injury Prevention

Forty-seven multidisciplinary medical and injury prevention professional organizations participated in the Second Summit on Firearm Injury Prevention in Chicago. The Second Medical Summit on Firearm Injury Prevention convened on September 10-11 at the American College…

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2022 MIPA Virtual Summit

About: The Midwest Injury Prevention Alliance summit gathers injury prevention professionals from states in Federal Health and Human Services Region V (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin). The summit focuses on working towards reducing…

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UW Medicine EMS & Trauma Conference

The UW Medicine EMS & Trauma Conference is back in person this year September 12-13, 2022 at the DoubleTree Suites (Seatac Airport). This two-day, multidisciplinary conference highlights trauma care throughout the continuum including pre-hospital, emergency,…

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Barriers and Facilitators to the ERPO Filing Process

Extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs) are tools for preventing suicide and other forms of violence; some states allow civilians to file ERPO petitions to remove firearms from someone expressing concerning behavior. New research led by…

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