2022 INSIGHT Undergraduate Symposium Recap

2022 INSIGHT Undergraduate Symposium Recap

By: Alexandra de Leon Date: August 15th, 2022
Pictured: 2022 INSIGHT Undergraduate Virtual Symposium Attendees


Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center’s 2022 Virtual INSIGHT Program Symposium highlighted intern research projects focused on injury & violence prevention topics. Over the summer, our INSIGHT Program interns worked for eight weeks with a mentor on a research project focused on health equity, opioid use, suicide prevention, medical education, burn patient experiences, traumatic brain injury or other vital topic in public health.

Our Symposium Keynote speaker was Dr. Frederick Rivara, Firearm Injury Policy Research Program Director and HIPRC Core Faculty. His speech focused on why research is conducted and what the critical needs are behind translating research into practice and policy.

“Research is important in identifying disparities. There is a need for true science, and science that is disseminated and put into policy,” says Dr. Rivara.

Speaking from experience, Dr. Rivara encouraged the INSIGHT Program interns to not shy away from controversial matters. “While I shied away about speaking about firearms, because of threats to funding. I’ve changed my tune. We can’t be intimidated by groups, especially when science is important.”

This year’s mentors included:

  • Lynn Stansbury, MD, MPH, MFA, FACP & John Hess, MD, MPH
  • Isabell Sakamoto, MS, CHES
  • Erin Morgan, PhD
  • Chelsea Hicks, PhD, MPH & Keith Hullenaar, PhD, MS
  • Julia Velonjara, MPH
  • Laura Prater, PhD, MPH, MHA
  • Abhijit Lele, MBBS, MD, MS
  • Alex Skokan, MD
  • Mark Sullivan, MD & Laura-Mae Baldwin, MD, MPH
  • Lauren Whiteside, MD, MS

Academic Distinctions were as follows:

  • UW Medicine Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine: Aditi Ekbote
  • Pinder Endowment: Mandisa Keswa and Megan Washington
  • UW Vascular Surgery: Tasfay Gebieyesus
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital: Katherine Brandon and Jeffery Liu
  • University of Washington Emergency Medicine: Wudase Yigletu

HIPRC extends its thanks to the 2022 INSIGHT Program Symposium Sponsors:

The primary goal of the INSIGHT Research Program is to develop the next generation of injury researchers. This year’s applicant pool had over 425 applicants, with 18 accepted interns from across the U.S.

Program components for the undergraduate INSIGHT program included:

  • Create a (virtual) research poster to display summers’ work
  • Attend research and topic seminars, and career development events
  • Check in with mentors to discuss progress, issues, etc.
  • Submit modules and time sheets to Canva

To learn more about our High School INSIGHT program, visit this page.

To learn more about our asynchronous online injury & violence prevention course, INSIGHT REACH, visit this page.