Fourth Annual Virtual INSIGHT High School Symposium

Fourth Annual Virtual INSIGHT High School Symposium

By: Alexandra de Leon Date: August 8th, 2023

The fourth annual virtual HIPRC INSIGHT High School Program Symposium was held August 4, 2023. The virtual symposium highlighted students’ research project findings from the summer’s session. This year’s program featured 47 students from across the nation & overseas. In the past four weeks, the program introduced students to different mentors from a variety of career paths in medicine and public health. The program provided a challenging, immersive experience where students learned about research, medicine and public health.


In the event of a traumatic injury from a future high-magnitude earthquake, there will be a need to escape danger and navigate to the closest trauma care center. As this year’s INSIGHT High School Program theme was Transportation Routing and Rescue for Emergency care in an earthquaKe (TRREK), student scholars worked on research projects covering emergency disaster preparedness and navigating to care in King County, WA. They presented their findings and routes during the symposium.

Students were randomly assigned into teams to build plans for the shortest walking path to care while injured. Starting location of injury were sampled to represent urban and rural areas of King County, WA. Using Canvas Streetview, students audited streetview imagery to consider pedestrian safety features and potential barriers that may be encountered. Teams were challenged to create their own research question, collect data, and complete data analysis. . Scholars also immersed themselves into research, medicine, and public health topics.


This year’s symposium Keynote Speaker was HIPRC Core Faculty and UW Professor Emeritae of Pediatrics, Dr. Linda Quan. As one of this year’s injury prevention focuses for the students was drowning prevention, Dr. Quan spoke widely about the disparities and issues around drowning. She highlighted how drowning is a leading cause of death in children ages 1-17 and how historically, racial and ethnically diverse communities have been overlooked when it comes to water safety.

“What can you do to be smarter and safer around water?” Dr. Quan asked the students. “How can we continue to make water safety more accessible and enjoyable?”

Dr. Quan encouraged students to:

  • Learn CPR
  • Take a First Aid course
  • Wear a life jacket when around any open body of water

This program was designed to expose students to various fields in medicine while also exposing students to educational and/or career paths. For more on INSIGHT High School, click here.

THANK YOU to our 2023 INSIGHT High School Sponsors:

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