Addressing suicide risks during COVID-19

Addressing suicide risks during COVID-19

By: HIPRC Date: April 9th, 2020

Navigating mental health struggles during COVID-19 can pose challenges for many. One key resource to turn to is UW Forefront Suicide Prevention’s Learn Saves Lives webinar. The webinar focuses on teaching essential skills for suicide prevention.

Suicide prevention researcher and core member at Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center, Christopher DeCou, was able to join the series to give advice.

The LEARN concept was one of the main focuses of the talk. The simple acronym shows how anyone can learn to help someone in crisis.

LEARN stands for:

  • L: Look for signs
  • E: Empathize and listen
  • A: Ask about suicide
  • R: Remove the danger
  • N: Next steps

“This acronym helps you organize your thinking and what you can do to help someone who may be at risk of dying by suicide,” DeCou said.

The webinar also focuses on teaching essential skills for suicide prevention, how to make your home safer to prevent the risk of suicide, and how to recognize and address the signs of a mental health crisis.

The full “LEARN Saves Lives Suicide Prevention Training for Parents/Caregivers” webinar is available online.

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