HIPRC Trainee Highlight: Internship at the CDC Injury Center’s Division of Injury Prevention

HIPRC Trainee Highlight: Internship at the CDC Injury Center’s Division of Injury Prevention

By: Alexandra de Leon Date: December 14th, 2023

Prioritizing and Informing the Advancement of Health Equity in Injury Prevention

HIPRC Trainee, Hannah Scheuer, MSW, LICSW, was selected this past summer for an internship with the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Her internship was within the Division of Injury Prevention’s (DIP) health equity unit working on a project entitled, Understanding Health Equity in Injury Prevention.

Scheuer’s work with the DIP health equity unit was to prioritize and inform the advancement of health equity (HE) in injury prevention, which she did by developing the Continuum of Health Equity Practice and Science.

This continuum will help the DIP health equity unit understand the breadth of health equity work occurring across the Division and inform their decision-making moving forward.

An initial continuum was developed in 2022 by the DIP health equity unit using survey data from (the health equity inventory), assessing how DIP projects address HE. She adds that her project helped the division revise and update the continuum to align with the current evidence-base and public health frameworks.

“It was an absolute privilege to collaborate with DIP’s exceptional health equity unit team. Avital Wulz and Sally Thigpen are brilliant, compassionate people who supported my growth as a scholar and inspired me to continue prioritizing and uplifting health equity work in both my research and practice,” said Scheuer.

Scheuer’s was the only UW intern selected this year and the only student working within the health equity unit. Her internship was extended into the fall, where she was able to present this work at the Safe States conference. She plans to submit the work she conducted with the CDC Summer Internship to a peer reviewed publication this winter. Scheuer is also PhD candidate at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work.