Firearm Purchasing & Firearm Violence Increase During COVID-19

Firearm Purchasing & Firearm Violence Increase During COVID-19

By: Alexandra de Leon Date: July 15th, 2020

New research featuring HIPRC Suicide Prevention Researcher, Dr. Christopher DeCou, highlights an increase in firearm access and an increase in firearm violence during the coronavirus pandemic (March-May 2020). The study looked at 48 states (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) suggesting there was an increase of firearm purchases, about 2.1 million purchased nationally. There was also an increase of 776 fatal and nonfatal injuries in the US over the number expected for those months had there been no increase in purchasing.

Research from this study suggests the increase in pandemic-related firearm purchasing correlate with the increase in firearm violence in the United States. Firearm violence prevention strategies are extremely important during the pandemic.

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