My Sister Liv

My Sister Liv

By: Alexandra de Leon Date: November 8th, 2022

The King County Department of Community and Human Services invites residents to attend private screening events for the new documentary My Sister Liv.

Parents, youth (14 years of age and up), youth serving partners, teachers, residents, and community will find the private screenings of the documentary MY SISTER LIV relevant with its powerful story exploring love, connection, grief and the youth mental health epidemic.

 The film is centered on sisters Tess and Liv, who from a young age prove inseparable. As they grow, Liv experiences the relentless pressures of social media, teen depression, and suicidal thoughts. With its fearless storytelling, and open exploration of connection in the face of a serious mental health epidemic, the film unpacks stigma and the aftermath for the survivors left behind in a suicide. As a family learns to cope with their new normal, they find purpose in filling the gap where serious conversations around mental health should be, ultimately working to save young lives. All King County, WA folks are welcome and invited to attend these private screening events.

Registration is limited, please register today!

  1. December 2, 2022 – (10am to 12pm PST): Meeting Registration – Zoom []
  2. December 9, 2022 – (10am to 12pm PST): Meeting Registration – Zoom []

Private screenings will be held virtually over zoom and will include a panel discussion with Tess (Liv’s sister), Honey (Liv’s mom), and The Liv Project’s Mental Health Director, Susan Caso MA LPC. They will discuss the film, their work with The Liv Project, and the importance of inspiring real youth conversations around mental health. Following the panel discussion, panelists will facilitate a Q&A with audience members.

To support fearless youth conversations around mental health, King County will be distributing a limited amount of “The Game that Goes There” to King County, WA youth and youth serving partners. Register and attend to learn more.

More information about the film: My Sister Liv, directed by Grammy Award Winning Director, Alan Hicks, and produced by Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy award winning producer, Paula DuPre Pesmen, features an array of young voices and conversations with mental health professionals. Filmmakers worked with Susan Caso, MA LPC, The Liv Project’s Mental Health Director and a team of therapists to craft the story. In addition, the film was vetted by the leading team at the Children’s Hospital Colorado Pediatric Mental Health Institute to ensure the content was accurate and safe, and in no way glorified this issue. The film has been approved for youth ages 14 and up.

This programming is sponsored by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).