NIJ Grant Selected for Funding

NIJ Grant Selected for Funding

By: Alexandra de Leon Date: September 28th, 2020

The National Institute of Justice has awarded a three-year project led by Mary A. Kernic, PhD, MPH with HIPRC core member Megan Moore, PhD, MSW, and HIPRC trainee, Avanti Adhia, ScD, as co-investigators. This project will focus on adolescent use of and access to civil protection orders.

The results of the proposed study will:

  • Provide critically important and policy-relevant data on the effectiveness of CPO use by adolescent petitioners
  • Inform the need for improvements in awareness and knowledge about CPOs among AYAs
  • Identify the barriers to CPO use by AYAs and potential solutions to overcoming them
  • Highlight how to further promote the consideration of CPO use among AYAs

Total funding for three-year project: $1,022,215

For more on this study, visit NIJ’s website.