FIPRP Statement on Atlanta & Boulder Shooting

FIPRP Statement on Atlanta & Boulder Shooting

By: Alexandra de Leon Date: March 24th, 2021

“The tragedy in Boulder emphasizes this need all the more to restrict firearm access of those intent on killing others,” says HIPRC’s Firearm Injury & Policy Research Program (FIPRP) director, Dr. Frederick Rivara. Death and injuries related to firearms constitute a major public health problem in the United States. Firearms have accounted for 359,000 deaths over the decade 2010-2019. FIPRP has been studying firearm injuries for more than three decades with the mission of reducing firearm injury and death.

We all can play a role in preventing firearm injuries. These shootings reaffirm the urgent mission of FIPRP. Evidence-based solutions, including safe storage of all firearms, appropriate background checks, and waiting periods can prevent injuries and deaths from gun violence. Locally, Washington has three unique resources available which may help prevent firearm deaths.

Additionally, FIPRP has a list of resources available here.

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